Noida 2011- The Year Ahead Looks Promising

The coming year brings with it promises of more and better infrastructure for the residents of the Noida city.
RAJNIGANDHA UNDERPASS There will be smooth flow of traffic on the Rajnigandha Crossing (the red light at the intersection of Sectors 3, 14, 17 and 19). The construction work of the underpass is going on at a hectic pace. It is a sixlane, two-way path, with each way having three lanes, with a total length of 660 m.
SPORTS ACADEMY A world-class sports academy is coming up near the Noida Children’s Park opposite Sector 16-A. Spread over 15 acres, this academy will have state-of-theart facilities for training in golf, tennis, horse riding and swimming. A major portion will be devoted to golf. It will have a full-fledged gymnasium and other facilities for leisure and entertainment like coffee shops and eateries.

The golf academy will have 10,000 sq ft of putting green. It will have a 250 m long driving range where 30 people can practice at a time.

There will be qualified instructors as well as video analysis equipment to teach novices as also help the players hone their skills. The golf academy has been designed jointly by former Asian Games gold medallist and national men’s champion, Rishi Narain, and another experienced international tour player and trainer, Amandeep Johl.
PARKING UNDER PARKS With the Noida Authority (NA) starting the construction of parking lots under parks, the problem of illegal parking on roads and other public spaces would be resolved to some extent. The NA has decided to construct an underground parking lot under one park in each sector of the city. As of now, 70 of the 162 sectors have been chosen to have the parking lots.
GREATER NOIDA METRO The coming year will also see the beginning of the second phase of the Metro construction in the city so as to provide a Metro link to Greater Noida.

As per the plan, from the City Centre Metro station in Noida, the Metro will move towards Sector 50 and then passing through Sectors 49, 47, 82 and 93, it will reach the NoidaGreater Noida Expressway and touch Pari Chowk in Greater Noida. From Pari Chowk, the line will move through Knowledge Park IV and terminate at Boraki Railway Station. There will be two stations between Pari Chowk and Boraki Railway Station. A part of the track will be elevated while the rest of it will be underground.

MAKEOVER OF GREATER NOIDA ENTRY POINT The beautification of Surajpur Crossing and Kulesra Bridge will be completed. A beautiful roundabout will come up at the Old Fountain Chowk crossing.
The roundabout will have a centrally located bell tower, with big drums around the bell so that when the bell rings, the sound reach far-off places. Four beautiful bronze pillars will support the bell. Coloured fountains will be constructed on the side of the road near the bus stand. At night, special light effects will add to the beauty of this area. There will be thick landscaping work along the Kulesra bridge.
SOCIO CULTURAL CENTRE Greater Noida will also have its very own socio-cultural centre where people can organise academic events, exhibitions, lectures, fairs, etc. The centre will have facilities such as air-conditioned rooms for board meetings, seminars, lectures and conferences with facilities for audio-visual meets and video conferencing, etc.

It will also have a business centre, an auditorium to seat 500 people, hostel facilities with canteens and various sporting facilities.

It will have a fully-equipped health spa, restaurants and food court, a cafe, an art gallery, an amphitheatre and an open venue for holding cultural shows.
Besides, there will be an airconditioned library-cum-documentation centre with an exhaustive collection of books, publications and journals on varied subjects.



Investment Idea

Ansal Golf Link 2 (Near Dadri – Greater Noida)

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