Greater Noida to get Ganga water by 2011

Greater Noida may get Ganga water by 2011
TNN, Dec 2, 2010, 04.15am IST

GREATER NOIDA: Residents of Greater Noida, who had been fruitlessly waiting for Ganga water for drinking purposes for the past five years, have renewed hope. If things go as planned, Ganga water will be available for consumption by December 2011.

This will bring considerable relief to Greater Noida residents, who now face water shortage. The cost of the project will be Rs 300 crore, excluding the cost of the land. Five years ago, the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority (GNIDA) had planned to get 85 cusecs of Ganga water for drinking purposes.

The deadline for it was 2010. It had been planned that water will be brought through the Masuri-Dehra Ganga Canal. Though Jal Nigam was entrusted with the task, it could not complete it in time.

According to a GNIDA official, the deal with Jal Nigam has been called off, and the work has now been given to Development Corporation. A water treatment plant is now coming up at Palla village. “Water will come from the canal to the plant, and from there it will be sent to various sectors in the city. Land has already been acquired for the treatment plant, and work will start in a week. The irrigation department has already finished lining the canal, so that water does not dry up,“ said the official.


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